Dr. Jack Kavanaugh – A Versatile Personality

As a successful businessman, Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has this unique skill set in the development of different businesses. He has worked with Calhoun Vision Company, and with his vigilant approach as a physician, he has created the next-generation medical treatment equipment.

•    He has founded a healthcare service company, Amerident, in the year 1996. He has            also served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and under his possession,    the company’s employee rank vividly increased.

•    For its work with infants, Amerident received more than 30 community service          awards  and state congressional medal of honors.
•    As a Board Member, Dr. Jack Kavanaugh joined Materia Inc. This company holds over  300 patents and has produced more than 100 pharmaceutical products.
•    For industrial use, Materia Inc creates resins and catalysts. It is also famous for a  licensed Nobel-prize-winning technology.

Dr. Jack is a talented and experienced physician and he is also a medical visiting professor. He has spent a decade as the Dentist in Beverley Hills and managed 12 Nevada clinics there. In his dental career, he has dedicated most of his time to contribute his services to underserved communities. With his clinics, he has severed a lot of patients from Jewish and Catholic Charities.


•    He graduated in Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) from the University of California,Los        Angeles.

•    From the University of Southern California, he later pursued (M.D) Doctor of Medicine.
•    He has also graduated in Bachelor in Arts (BA) from the University of California.
•    From the same university, he has completed his Masters in Business Administration            (MBA).
•    He is also an Ophthalmologist and has completed his medical training from UCLA’s  Jules Stein Institute. Later, as a visiting professor, he taught surgery in the same university.

Dr. Jack Kavanaugh has immense experience in managing companies from their inception until they reach the successful sales. Though he works for a myriad of companies and industries, he has always kept his focus on the health and technology sector. He has helped and guided different business for lead mergers, turnarounds, acquisitions, and corporate strategic development.


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